Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Trinity and the Family

We are made in God's image. Yet, although God chose to make us male and female, He is still a "He". Why bother with the additional sex if the Author of the Universe is indeed (as revealed to us) Divinely Masculine? [Note: I use "sex" rather than "gender", as the former denotes one's biological form, whereas the latter refers to a property of a noun. English being among the only modern languages without genders to its nouns, it is common to confuse the two ideas. God's cosmic gender is masculine, which is why His Body is biologically male.]

God could have just as easily made us unisex. But the Author of History writes symbols out of things in the same way that a human author writes symbols out of words. That a man and woman come together, and out of the conjugal act bring forth life, is a perfect illustration of the inner life of the Holy Trinity, whereby The Eternal Father is utterly self-giving to the Son, who is completely receptive and reciprocal in the giving of His Self, this mutual, never-ending love resulting in a distinct Third Person of God (The Holy Spirit.)

God has provided us not only a glimpse into the mystery of the Holy Trinity by creating us as 2 sexes whose love and mutual giving of self produces new life, but an implicit realization and recognition of the Divine Dignity bestowed upon the family. The family is therefore called to emulate the self-giving love of the Trinity, sacramentally. In marriage, the two become one, just as God is one in three Persons.

It is no wonder that the snares of the Devil uniquely target the family: Adultery, divorce, pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, abortion, contraception, and vulgarities and abuses of many varieties. A more perfectly orchestrated attack on the family could only originate in Hell. The war against the family, as waged by the Post-Christian West, demonstrates the Divine Nature of the family, as God's natural symbol of the complete love within the Trinity.

Many churches today proudly display "God is Love". Yet, we so often forget that love has a velocity to it - a direction of movement. Love is not a still water, but a crashing wave. Love is an action, like flying, rather than a state of being, like contentment. God can only be Love if He is more than one Person. To say that God be Love is to affirm the nature of the Holy Trinity. Ironically, it is often the very same churches which proclaim God to be Love that simultaneously facilitate the attack on God's Natural Symbol of the Holy Trinity. These churches permit some, if not all, of the very attacks listed above.

It is not enough to model our families after the Divine Example. Yes, we must give ourselves wholly, freely, and unconditionally to our spouses, and to the children which can only result from that kind of love. Yes, we must replicate the love within the Trinity, seeking the joy of service above ourselves. Yes, we must protect our families from the unrelenting assault, teaching and equipping them for spiritual combat in a decaying world. But we must also build churches as a fortress against evil, rather than its complicit host. Theology matters. If our churches choose size over content, emotion over reason, style over truth, they have endangered our families and jeopardized our souls.

God is Truth. Therefore, to be without Truth is to be without God. Seek His Church, and you will find His Truth.

God Bless.

Friday, April 11, 2008


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